Although the UI might make it seem a little outdated and clunky, but AndChat is still a very capable IRC Client app for Android devices, and definitely worth checking out if you want to connect over IRC networks through your Android device.


Once connection to a server has been established, you can easily add channels to start chatting. AndChat supports just about everything you’d expect from a mobile IRC client, including multiple server connections, SASL compatibility, and notifications. Other than that, there are also unique goodies like multiple nickname highlighting, chat logs, and things like that.


Note: There’s one downer with AndChat, and it’s that it is no longer being maintained, with the last update going back to 2013. And although it still works with the latest Android version(s), there is no guarantee that it will continue doing so with future updates to the OS.

Platform Availability: Android 2.1 and above.

Price: Free; Donation version worth $3.22 also available.