Probably one of the best IRC client apps for Android out there, AndroIRC includes a whole bunch of solid features that make it a must have app for those wanting to connect over IRC via Android devices.

Getting started with AndroIRC is fairly easy, and the quick start wizard makes things even simpler. Once you’re connected to a server, joining a channel is simply a matter of tapping the Plus icon on the top right, and specifying the target channel. The dual column UI lets you juggle between channels and servers with just a swipe. AndroIRC’s expansive feature set includes auto joining of channels on startup, multiple server connections, proxy and SSL support, logging, copy/paste functionality, file transfers, as well as some unique goodies like a compact mode to reduce screen usage, granular user privilege configurations, and then some more.


Platform Availability: Android (minimum version requirement varies with device).


Price: Free; $2.65 In-app purchases.

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