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 A selection of funny things that you typed in channel. 

-updated 10/11/2017-

[12:58] <~SmokingGun> check your mail HeaVenly 

[12:58] <~SmokingGun> 2 of the 3 we discussed 

[12:58] <~SmokingGun> I am still looking for number 3 

[12:59] <+HeaVenly> OO email 

[12:59] <+HeaVenly> ok hun lol 

[12:59] <+HeaVenly> thankies sooo much for looking through your porn collection for these 

[12:59] <+HeaVenly> runzzzz 

[13:00] <~SmokingGun> Thankfully I sort it all Alpha numerically it was easy to fine the exact scenes you were after .... [13:00] <~SmokingGun> I still do not get that I have to download all this gay male midget porn for you HeaVenly, what is your fascination with it? 

[13:01] * ~SmokingGun runzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz 

[13:01] * Tammy (chat27@atrum-hpl.l59.224.105.IP) has joined #TheLounge 

[13:01] * OuToppie sets mode: +v Tammy 

[13:01] <~SmokingGun> far far far far away ..... 

[13:01] <~SmokingGun> bwahahaha 

[13:01] <+HeaVenly> bwahahahaha SmokingGun

[13:06] <+Medusa> later loosers 

[13:07] * +Medusa ( Quit (Quit: Join us on <3 )) 

[13:07] <+katie> losers*

[01:50] <+DigitalDesert> medusa 's ic scares me , i dont like snakes as is lol 

[01:51] <+Truevixen> Yeah scared me shirtless too 

[01:51] <~SmokingGun> LOL 

[01:51] <+Anhur> rofl 

[01:51] <~SmokingGun> Truevixen's pic is cool 

[01:51] <+Truevixen> Yeah I like mine too 

[01:52] <~SmokingGun> 

[01:51] <+Truevixen> Yeah scared me shirtless too < ---- where are the pics 

[01:52] <+Truevixen> huh 

[01:52] <~SmokingGun> hehe 

[01:52] <+Truevixen> Ag fok 

[01:52] <~SmokingGun> bwahaha 

[01:52] <+Truevixen> This fone hates me 

[01:52] <+Truevixen> Like I said I want my old one back 

[01:53] <+soubona> ello SmokingGun 

[01:53] <+DigitalDesert> hahaha i only pick it up now ...scared shirtles 

[01:53] <~SmokingGun> hehe 

[01:53] <+Truevixen> it's the auto goed

[11:48] <+Spiderman> Apparently if you perm a yak's hair and spin it around a bit it does wonders for your libido 

[11:48] <+Chaotica> where is broomsticks? 

[11:48] <+Spiderman> it is an afro dizzy yak 

[11:48] <+Chaotica> O.o 

[11:48] <+Chaotica> hahahahahaha 

[11:48] <+Spiderman> LOL 

[11:48] <+H^work> lmfao 

[11:48] <+Chaotica> omg that is classic 

[11:49] <+H^work> lol 

[11:49] <+DigitalDesert> cheers ladies and gents 

[11:49] <+DigitalDesert> things to see, people to do 

[11:49] <+H^work> nooo where you going 

[11:49] <+Spiderman> you off to perm a yak's hair? 

[11:49] <+H^work> lol 

[11:49] <+H^work> he is gonna moer us 

[11:49] <+H^work> lol 

[11:49] <+Chaotica> bbye DigitalDesert! 

[11:50] <+Chaotica> LMFAO 

[11:50] <+DigitalDesert> lol 

[11:50] <+DigitalDesert> need to go work now 

[11:50] <+DigitalDesert> laters 

[11:50] <+H^work> bye DigitalDesert enjoy work 

[11:50] <+Spiderman> cheers 

[11:50] <+H^work> you can keep those wetwipes 

[11:50] <+H^work> i have tons of packets 

[11:50] <+Chaotica> toodles! 

[11:50] <+H^work> runzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz 

[11:50] <+Chaotica> afk going for a smoke 

[11:51] <+H^work> ok Chaotica lol 

[11:51] <+Spiderman> wetwipes H^work? 

[11:51] <+Spiderman> use them for foreplay? 

[11:51] <+Spiderman> try foreplay Chaotica, you will smoke less 

[11:51] <+H^work> nee aah its for j's snot and stuff in the car 

[11:52] * +DigitalDesert ( Quit (Quit: ...To be Continued...) 

[11:52] <+H^work> anything dirty i say .. grab a wetwipe [11:52] <+H^work> lol

[14:35] <+SmokingGun> please buy me something nice too .... like fresh adult daipers ... I am running out 
[14:35] <+SnowBelle> O.o
[14:35] <+GumDrops> that shits expensive
[14:35] <+SmokingGun> I know .... that is why we timeshare them :P
[14:35] <+GumDrops> ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
[14:35] <+SmokingGun> nbwahaha
[14:35] * GumDrops is now known as GumDrops-bbl
[14:35] <+SmokingGun> oh wait ... we time share the bedpans 
[14:36] <+Storm> timeshare????????????? gross
[14:36] * +SmokingGun shuts up
[14:36] * +SnowBelle shivvers
[14:36] * +SmokingGun winks at SnowBelle
[14:37] <+Skiddz> dammmn SmokingGun i didnt want to know that :((
[14:37] <+SmokingGun> what that I wear adult daipers?
[14:37] <+SmokingGun> aks Storm she changes them for me 
[14:37] <+SmokingGun> *ask
[14:38] <+Storm> nah uh its H|brb's month to change it 
[14:38] <+SnowBelle> nee fok
[14:38] <+SmokingGun> yeah but she neglects me :P
[14:38] <+Skiddz> lol nie ees fok gaan die een help nie SnowBelle
[14:38] <+Skiddz> scared for life
[14:38] <+Storm> lol Skiddz
[14:38] <+SnowBelle> im with Skiddz on this one
[14:38] * +SmokingGun rolls with laughter

[21:15] <@MiDgEtReApEr> Ahhh the net ball girl:P
[21:15] <+just_a_gal> thats me
[21:15] <+just_a_gal> elo koukop
[21:15] <+Th3_Jok3r> LOL
[21:15] <+Th3_Jok3r> HAHAHAHAHAHAHA
[21:15] <@MiDgEtReApEr> Haha
[21:15] <@MiDgEtReApEr> Sies don't call me that:(
[21:15] <+HeaVenly> jaaa midget knows about kopkou
[21:15] <+HeaVenly> runzzzz
[21:16] * @MiDgEtReApEr slaps storm
[21:16] <@MiDgEtReApEr> It was her fault!

[21:20] <@MiDgEtReApEr> I'd rather be called a job-blow then a blow job

[09:48] <+H|sortahere> he put his wors in the microwave

[09:48] <+H|sortahere> and it shrunk before his very eyes