If you’re on the hunt for a simple and intuitive IRC client app for your iOS device, look no further than Palaver. Having loads of useful features, it makes connecting over IRC using iOS devices effortlessly easy.

Palaver’s includes all modern IRC features and functionalities such as IRCv3 capabilities, ZNC integration, as well as full support for push notifications. And that’s just the beginning. You can quickly search for everything from nicknames to channels to even user commands, because of the powerful auto-completion goodness. Other than that, you can also customize highlights and user mention notices with custom alerts and vibrations. Palaver also has SASL support that lets you identify securely to IRC networks such as Freenode. Other goodies include a healthy range of themes and styles, as well as synchronization of user preferences via iCloud.

Platform Availability: iOS 8.0 and later.

Price: $2.99